Saffron of the coasts of Maas


The place of culture of saffron is situated on the municipality of Hannonville sous les côtes, at the heart of the regional Natural reserve of Lorraine.

The saffron arises from the pistil of the flower and one needs between 150 for 200 flowers to be 1 gram of dry saffron. Every flower arises from a bulb of sativus crocus.

This spice is characterized by its unique character because that it results from a flower, its culture asks a lot of time and of patience and it is in the autumn
when it points its nose. Every morning the magic operates and flowers went out of the ground during the night.

The culture is completely manually made and the harvest is made in autumn. Otherwise called the red gold and endowed with a very powerful coloring power,it will put

of the color and an incomparable taste as well in salty recipes as sweetened. Discover the Saffron of Maas, it will sublimate your dishes by its color and its unique taste.




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9, rue haute Gaston Parant
55210 Saint Maurice sous les côtes

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To the shop in the Camping du bois joli au 9, rue haute Gaston Parant 55210 Saint Maurice sous les côtes Opening from May 1st to September 15 th and Registration : Every day between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm.